Top 5 Tips For Your Nails After Gel Manicure Treatment

Undoubtedly, the manicure treatment gives your nails an elegant look. Besides, it brings a layer of happiness to your face. Gel manicures are mostly loved among young women, and they spend much to get their nails in perfect shape. However, After a manicure procedure from the nail spa, it is mandatory to take care of it.

The gel manicure lasts for weeks without chipping or cracking. But this also requires home care to keep it shiny until the last fading days. Here, we have collected some tips for nail care after a fresh gel manicure. Read the blog to learn about it.

Dry your Nails

The first step after the manicure is to let them dry. The freshly gleaming nails look beautiful, but slight damage can ruin your nails and mood. A nail drying procedure takes hours, though patience is the key to mind-blowing results. Once the gel manicure pedicure is applied, you must wait for almost three to four hours to dry. Be patient with moving your hands or walking away. Nail care will keep your manicure last long.

Apply Cuticle Oil

Manicure gives an attraction to your hands; however, to keep gel manicure healthy applying cuticle oil is essential. The cuticle is the nail’s root from where the new nail grows. It is a delicate part which can easily get damaged or infected by the chemicals. You can avoid damage by applying cuticle oil once a day. It also helps in maintaining your meni for an extended period since oil keeps moisturizing your nail.

Avoid Using Hot water or Alcohol-based Products

We never want our cute meni to die in just a week. However, it requires special care to avoid nail breakage and nail paint chips. The essential care includes refraining from using hot water. Heating water for showers, washing hands and washing dishes can ultimately damage your nail. YES, extreme heat is the reason for chips on your nails.

On the other hand, alcohol-based products dry your nails, remove the moisturizer and be the reason for breakage. Most salons tell you about the Dos and Don’ts for your manicure. If you are wondering which is the best nail salon in Karachi, well, Rejuve salon and spa is your go-to place.

Wear Gloves when working

Protecting your hands must be your priority. Professionals suggest wearing gloves when doing home chores like cleaning, washing or gardening. Clearly, the cleaning products are harsh on your hands, skin and nails. It is essential to wear gloves when doing such work, which may damage your manicure.

Buff your nails Gently

If you are a fan of manicures and want to keep your nails in perfect shape, you must learn basic nail filing and buffing lessons. A manicure requires home care to maintain your nails. Somehow if you find an uneven edge, slightly run a buffer to make it smooth. Light buff to your nails helps in preventing the peeling and breakage. Further, you can visit Rejuve nail salon, which is included in the list of best nail salons for french manicures and various other treatments and services. Some common nail styling available at Rejuve are Nail Art, Acrylics and Gel Nail Colors.

A fresh Manicure adds a sophisticated look to your hands. Likewise, it is also mandatory to look for foot care treatment. Keeping your hands and feets neat and clean gives refreshing vibes and positive energy. You can book an appointment for a hand manicure online at Rejuve salon and spa. Further, At Rejuve salon, we provide Skincare treatment with the Best Skin Specialist in Karachi. Also, you can visit our Instagram page for Manicure treatment prices and other service details.