How to get Acne Free Glowing Skin? Tips and Advice

Acne skin is a depressing part of teenage life. It gets most people down but especially teenagers. Growing age is all about beautiful glowing skin, but sometimes acne causes trouble. However, acne does not last for a long time; it lessens with extra care and avoiding acne trigger items. We have combined some tips that will help you in getting acne free glowing skin.

The most common cause of acne is stress which is unfamiliar among people. In contrast, The factor of stress among teenage is friends, studies, schools, diet and family, which in result causes acne and other harmful side effects. If you are in search of Skin care treatment in Karachi, visit Rejuve Salon and Spa. Let’s find out acne-free skin tips.

For an acne-free skin routine, try lemon juice. Lemon juice is for those who have oily skin and open pores, which produces sebum and causes acne. Cut a slice of lemon juice and smoothly apply at the oiliest area of your face. Lemon helps in reducing the oil and minimizing the open pores. However, use it twice or thrice a week. Overuse may dry and damage your skin.

Acne-free skin home remedies are impactful. If your skin causes a sudden red pimple on your face, try using ice. Wrap the ice cube in a cloth and gently apply it to the pimple affected area. Use this trick before bed, as it will remove the redness till morning. The cold on your skin will reduce blood flow, and eventually, the swelling will decrease.


Acne-free skin home remedies

Another acne prone skin treatment includes homemade facial masks. To avoid acne breakouts, make a facial mask from honey. Next, mix it with milk, lemon juice, and yogurt. It might sound sticky, but this is an acne skin savior. Further, combine the paste nicely and apply it to your face for fifteen to twenty minutes. Peel off the facial mask and wash your face with cold water. 

Oil-based cosmetic products can be the cause of acne. There are various foundations and moisturizers that are highly oil-based and activate acne. Besides, the oily products allow bacteria to breed on your skin and cause whiteheads, blackheads and pimples. You can avoid such products and look out for those suitable for your skin.

Oil-based cosmetic

Rose water has been utilized since the ancient era. Keeping a rose water bottle and spray around your face is essential. It helps in removing dirt and oil from the skin. Moreover, it reduces skin complexion and redness. It also assists in keeping the pH balance of the skin and keeps you fresh for a day. 

Rose water

Acne is a natural process, and it doesn’t require freaking out. Be patient with your skin and focus on a healthy diet, exercise, and care. These are some advice that can help you maintain your skin health. Be consistent with your acne-free routine. You will see the difference in your skin. At Rejuve beauty salon, you can find Skin specialists in Karachi who provide various aesthetic treatments and skin care treatments

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