Keratin Treatment

Keratin Treatment – Smooth, Silky & Straight Hair

Women are more into shiny silky and straight hair. However, some women have natural hair with these qualities. Well, the ones who struggle with hair styling and maintaining opt for Keratin Treatment. The key to smooth and straight hair is mainly found in such kinds of hair treatments. To break the ice, keratin hair treatment is not permanent; it lasts for a few months giving a frizz-free look. With that, you might be thinking about how long it lasts and how you can take care of it properly. For your queries, please read this blog to know more about it.  

What is Keratin Treatment?

Keratin Treatment

A keratin treatment is a chemical process in which hair strands are coated with protein to make hair glossy and smooth. Although there are several keratin treatments, all of them involve injecting keratin into the hair follicle to strengthen hair. 

Moreover, the best keratin treatment products in Pakistan are applied to hair that is later ironed and blow-dried to regulate hair strands. But make sure all substances are gently used, avoiding the scalp. You can get hair treatment in Karachi from Rejuve beauty salon and spa. Besides, you can also check out our extenso hair treatment.

Keratin Treatment Results

A keratin hair treatment lasts up to six months with complete care. Additionally, the straight keratin hair depends on where you get them treated. It also involved the hair factors, including hair length and thickness, texture, and the treatment solution used. You can get keratin for your hair at Rejuve because it is considered as the best hair salon in Karachi. Further, the keratin treatment price in Karachi depends on your hair length and texture. You can visit any of our nearest branches to know about your hair treatment price.

How To Take Care of Keratin Hair Treatment?

Keratin Treatment

  • Avoid water and moisturize to maintain the hair treatment. After the treatment, refrain from washing your hair for at least three days. It would be best if you also avoided swimming and strength exercises because you don’t want to waste your hair investment.
  • Keep your hair straight after a few days of treatment. Moreover, braiding, buns, ponytails, and other hairstyles can be the reason for dents and damage in your hair. Let the product sit in your hair; once the week has gone, you can start to tie them. Importantly, use smooth and delicate headbands which won’t leave any mark on your hair. 
  • Personal care is also a part of hair care, including good food and a night of good sleep. In contrast, cotton or other materials might cause friction while you sleep, causing frizz and shortening the effectiveness of your keratin treatment. In order to achieve long-lasting results, switch to the silk pillow or pillowcase.
  • Ensure your hair care products don’t contain harsh detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium Laureth sulfates. These detergents reduce hair keratin and natural oils, and as a result, your treatment will lose its effectiveness.

These are some of the safety care needed for treated hair. Besides, the keratin treatment is for people who desire long-lasting straight and smooth hair. If you want to change your appearance, you definitely need to give it a try. 

Hair speaks a lot about personality and gives effective results for a longer time with great care. If you are looking for a hair transformation in Karachi, book your appointment today.