Get My Hair Transformed

How Can I Get My Hair Transformed?

How Can I Get My Hair Transformed?


How can I get my hair transformed? I know nothing hurts more than seeing a bunch of your hair fall off whenever you start brushing your hair. Living in an era where everyone wants to update themselves with the latest trends and fashion has made dying hair casual. But did you know that dying hair frequently can badly damage your hair? Yes, you’ve heard that right. But before moving further, let’s discuss some common types of hair transformation.

3 Common Types of Hair Transformation


Styling hair consists of two major parts: hair cutting and hair colouring, also known as hair dying. Third and best hair transformation is hair care treatment, in which dermatologists treat your scalp to boost the hair growth that enriches the volume of your hair. Cutting hair frequently is best for boosting hair volume, strength, and growth, but dying hair frequently can cause immense damage to your hair. Some of them are as under.

  • Dying hair can cause hair damage which results in hair fall.
  • It results in making hair structure hard.
  • Make hair look dull and frizzy.
  • Dying hair results in reduced hair volume.
  • Split ends are one of the most common side effects of hair dying.

We all are always curious about styling our hair using different hair products because who doesn’t want to look stylish. But you should know that chemical-proven products can cause real damage to your hair.

How Can I Get Hair Transformation Without Investing Much?


Remember, hair treatment doesn’t require purchasing expensive chemical products. You can give your hair volume and growth by following some simple steps.

  1. Oiling is one of the best remedies for hair growth.
  2. Avoid tying your hair without brushing it.
  3. Wash your hair twice a week.
  4. Apply a protein mask once a week.

Pro Tip: You don’t have to buy a protein mask. You can make it by doing the following.

  • Take an egg, put the white part of the egg in a separate bowl, and beat it until it forms a white texture.
  • Apply the mixture to your hair and rinse it off after an hour.

If you didn’t find many changes in your hair, then hair care treatment from Rejuve by Aliya Farooq Salon is the best solution for a hair transformation.

How Can I Get My Hair Transformation With Hair Care Treatment?  Hair treatment is categorized into the following.

  • Photodynamic therapy.
  • Derma Roller Treatment.
  • Botox Treatment
  • Hair Loss Oil

After knowing about the treatment you must be thinking about the questions that I have already mentioned below.

How Can I Get Hair Transformation With Photodynamic therapy?


Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a two-stage treatment that includes light-sensitive medicine to strengthen your scalp.

How Can I Get Hair Transformation with Derma Roller Treatment?

In a derma roller, a little roller covered with tiny needles is used to massage the patient’s scalp, which helps in increasing the blood flow, which ultimately results in hair growth.

How Can I Get Hair Transformation Hair Botox Treatment?

It helps with a deep conditioning treatment formulated with keratin, which makes hair look smoother and shinier.

How Can I Get Hair Transformation By Using Hair Loss Oil?

Oiling the hairs from the roots can increase hair growth. In this treatment, the dermatologist prescribes oil and vitamin tablets to the patients and worries not because these prescribed oils are made with fully natural ingredients that strengthen your hair by giving it a shiny look.

Where To Get The Best Hair Transformation Treatment In Karachi?

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How Can I Get My Hair transformed? is none other than hair care treatment. Give your hair shine and say no to frizzy and split ends by booking an appointment at Rejuve by Aliya Farooq Salon.