top 10 beauty parlors in Karachi

Get Ready For Wedding Day With Bridal Beauty Parlors In Karachi

Is there any day to look more gorgeous other than your wedding? Well, simple, every bride wants to look her best on her day. Besides, Pakistani weddings are full of traditional outfits and glamorous makeup. Preparation, long week events, and running errands become a tough job for a bride. In Between, finding the best beauty salon in Karachi becomes another challenging task. However, to overcome this situation, we have collected the top 10 beauty parlors in Karachi to make your job easy. Read the whole blog to learn about the bridal beauty parlors.

Rejuve By Aliya Farooq:

The Rejuve by Aliya Farooq is Karachi’s best beauty parlor and spa. It has 3 outlets built across the city, where you can discover the Rejuve Express Boutique also. Further, they offer enchanting services where visitors can unwind from their worries and enjoy the calm ambiance. They offer facial, manicure, pedicure, hair treatments, foot care treatment, and nail spa. These services do not just end here. Besides, you can have aesthetic treatments in Karachi at Rejuve. Various bridal makeup deals in Karachi are available at budget-friendly prices. Apart from bridal makeup, you can also choose them for party makeup or any other event makeup.

Kashee’s Beauty Parlor:

Kashee’s has become popular in a bit of time because of its bridal makeup in Karachi. They also have their outlet selling luxury bridal gowns and accessories. Moreover, Kashee also has a line of makeup products. They mainly focus on weddings and bringing bridal solutions to one place. 

Joie Salon & Spa:

The Joie Salon and Spa give the experience of hair transformation in Karachi. Be it balayage, highlights, keratin, or hair care treatment. You can get the best here. Apart from the hair, they also offer bridal therapies, including waxing, manicure, pedicure, massage, and makeup.

Sabs The Salon:

For decades they have been styling brides for their wedding days. Sabs the salon is a team of experts with refined skills and techniques. You can spend your entire day in a soothing atmosphere availing services like hair cuts, facial, and waxing. 

Nabila Salon:

The Nabila has a tremendous impression on the audience due to its unique style. Additionally, the salon is included in the list of top hair designers and stylists. The salon has high charges compared to the other salons in Karachi. Besides, the complete bridal makeover is the most expensive service they offer. The Nabila also holds a zero makeup kit which has high selling rates. 

Wajid Khan Beauty Salon:

A skilled bridal makeup artist who performs the incredible bridal transformation. He does not only work with makeup products, but his skills enhance the bridal look most beautifully. The Wajid Khan can be seen on television screens giving its audience simple makeup advice and tips. 

Bina Khan:

The Bina Khan specialty is traditional, and fusion makeup looks. She has her salon with trained staff and a comfortable ambiance. Moreover, she works hard to refine the bridal look with her experience and extremely polished skills. 

Zara’s Beauty Salon:

A relaxing beauty salon for many, which was initiated by Rizwana Khan. Besides the beauty salon, she appears on TV shows giving makeup tips and tricks. You can visit Zara’s Beauty Salon to avail makeup services and bridal makeup packages in Karachi.

Natasha Salon:

Natasha Salon is a Karachi-based beauty salon run by the granddaughter of Madam Noor Jahan. Celebrities often visit this salon to get their grooming service. Besides, you can explore a wide makeup range, including party makeup, bridal makeup, glam makeup, etc. Further, you can also opt for services like nail art, skin treatment, and hair treatment. 

Depilex Beauty Clinic: 

The Depilex Beauty Clinic is spread around Pakistan with 25 branches. They offer quality service with well-trained staff. You can look out for herbal treatments and beauty treatments here. Also, Depilex is training and teaching young students who want to join the fashion industry.

These are some of the best salons for bridal makeup in Karachi. However, if you want to check out the services at Rejuve Beauty Salon, make sure to book an appointment today.